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Beating the Itch

Dr Theresa Wynne, Principal Clinical Psychologist from the Psychology Department at Sheffield Children's Hospital, offers parents and carers a new way to support those living with the itch.

This series of articles written by Dr Wynne are all available to download as pdf from the related documents to the right of this page.


This article is written for parents and carers, offering a new way to support those living with the itch.The imagination is a powerful tool and can help those with eczema to overcome the urge to scratch.Two techniques that can be used to harness this power are explored relaxation and guided imagery. 

The remaining articles– Modules One, Two and Three are written for children in a way that is designed to equip them with vital skills to better manage their eczema in future. We know how hard it can be living with eczema at any age but for young people it can be a particularly steep learning curve as they try not only to understand their condition but also to cope with the frustrations it can bring – all set against a backdrop of the many challenges already associated with growing up.

Beating the Itch - Module One

Includes: what is eczema, what it looks like, what causes it and and a template for 'My Eczema Diary'.

Beating the Itch - Module Two

Hints and tips around trigger factors in eczema. Time for some detective work! What makes your eczema worse and what makes it better?

Beating the Itch - Module Three

Looks at the way eczema makes us feel and how we can help to beat it from the inside.