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Eczema sufferers tell it like it is

Chronic eczema sufferer, Steve Bailey writes and presents this radio broadcast "Eczema - More than Skin Deep". He, and other eczema sufferers present a candid and in-depth examination of the physical and psychological effects of a condition that is often seen as "just flaky skin".


This radio broadcast demonstrates the impact on relationships and the wider family and shares the reality that eczema can result in hospitalisation, infections and often has a massive psychological impact including low self-esteem and social isolation. 85% of those living with eczema say they experience psychological effects as well.

Finally, he qualifies the stories he presents by talking to some of the world’s leading medics in this field, based in Yorkshire and talks about the future of medical research into the condition.

Listen to the broadcast here on Youtube.

‘Eczema - More Than Skin Deep’ is a Plan A Production for the BBC in Yorkshire, written and presented by Steve Bailey and produced by Steve Bailey and Kat Harbourne.

Eczema sufferers tell it like it is...

Listen to the broadcast here on Youtube