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Living with Eczema

Read the real-life experiences of those that have to manage and treat their eczema.

Jamie Orme...

Jamie Orme

Jamie Orme talks about school, socialising and perceptions in the context of his long-term eczema.

Mel and Jumpy...

Mel and Jumpy

Mum Mel shares her story after her baby daughter, Jumpy, developed atopic eczema.

John Fuller...

John Fuller

John Fuller shares his story of battling eczema as an adult and the tribulations of revolving treatments.

Fiona & James Griffiths...

Fiona & James Griffiths

Mum Fiona Griffiths describes the vital role that nurses have played in the treatment of her son’s eczema.

Lulu O'Hagan...

Lulu O'Hagan

Lulu O’Hagan has lived with eczema all her life, helping her to support her daughter Belle.

Clare Barton...

Clare Barton

Clare Barton describes the challenges she has faced since her newborn baby developed eczema.

Ian Greaves...

Ian Greaves

Ian Greaves shares his own story of living with eczema and staying positive.

Annie Brand...

Annie Brand

Exchange sub-editor Annie Brand, describes her ongoing battle with the dreaded itch.

Liz & Charlotte Smith...

Liz & Charlotte Smith

As Mum and daughter, Liz and Charlotte Smith, examine the challenges of being a teenager with eczema.