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National Eczema Week 2019 - Confidence to Care Right

The theme of National Eczema Week this year (14–22 September 2019) is CONFIDENCE. National Eczema Society wants everyone living with eczema to feel confident they are managing their eczema well, especially parents of children with the condition. This also means having the confidence to ask for the right medical care when you need it. 

People often put off going to the GP about their eczema, not wanting to bother them again or believing there’s nothing more that can be done to help. Or they feel they have to accept the situation when their emollients are removed from prescription, or are switched to a less effective brand.

Some people don’t like talking about their eczema because they feel self-conscious about how their skin looks, or they worry that others won’t understand how tough it can be. Eczema can undermine confidence when others see it as a minor skin complaint. It’s not. Eczema is a long-term difficult medical condition that people have to manage. Among other things, people need access to the right treatments on prescription, including effective medical moisturisers (emollients) to help repair and protect the skin barrier.

Our Confidence to Care Right campaign wants to empower people with eczema to feel they have the right to the support they need. This means not being prepared to accept symptoms that cause difficulties with everyday life. People are often extremely good at coping with their condition, having worked out – through a combination of medical advice and trial and error – ways to manage their eczema. It’s interesting, though, that people with eczema often underestimate the severity of their symptoms, because they are so used to coping with their eczema and it feels ‘normal’ to them. We hear time and time again of people who have struggled on for years, putting up with challenging symptoms. Often, a new treatment or specialist referral can make the difference that turns someone’s life around.

We want you to build your confidence to make sure your needs are met. If you need advice and support, our Helpline offers one-to-one advice, including consultations with our dermatology nurse advisers, on 0800 089 1122.

National Eczema Week 2019 - Confidence to Care ...

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