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Patient booklets - specialist

Our specialist booklets on how to manage itching and scratching in adults and children, how to use paste bandages and wet wraps, and how to treat allergic and irritant contact dermatitis. All booklets contain practical tips as well as evidence-based advice. Click on each heading to download a PDF.

Healthcare professionals can order free hard copies of these booklets in bulk. Please see our Healthcare Professionals' order form for further details. 

Itching and Scratching

This booklet explains why eczema makes you itch, how itching and scratching affect your skin and what you can do to manage the itch and associated sleep disturbance.

Paste Bandages and Wet Wraps

This booklet covers the reasons why paste bandages and wet wraps may be useful additions in eczema management, and gives step-by-step guidance on applying and wearing paste bandages and wet wraps. The instructions are the same for treating adults and children.

All about Contact Dermatitis

This booklet offers advice and support on the management, treatment and prevention of both irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Common sites for contact dermatitis, sensitisers and allergens, patch testing and the issues surrounding eczema at work are all discussed.

Patient booklets -  specialist...